Hello, world! I’m Hossein, though some know me better as Hector. As a seasoned web developer, my canvas for creativity is the complex yet fascinating world of code. Whether it’s PHP, JavaScript, or the arcane magic of WordPress development, my passion lies in breathing life into an idea with lines of code. I have an enduring love affair with creative coding and game development. In fact, as part of the Magic Light Team, we’ve participated in game jams in Tehran and even scooped up some awards along the way. However, it was not easy to keep it up; It’s been a while since we did actively develop a game.

When I’m not in front of my computer working, you can often find me… well, in front of my computer gaming! I’m a proud enthusiast of both video games and board games, living for the thrill of strategic gameplay and fascinating narratives. And when I’m not busy with that, I turn my attention to my collection of unique tech gadgets, action figures, and yes, toys! They say you’re only young once, but as a collector, I beg to differ.

My workspace is a diverse ecosystem: a personal Linux laptop for everyday tasks, a Windows system for those specific game titles, and a Mac at my day job. Call me old-school, but I still prefer terminals over GUI. It’s the coder’s way, after all!

Originally hailing from Iran, I’ve spent the last year soaking up the sights and sounds of Austria. I believe that a change of scenery can often provide the fresh perspective we need, in coding and in life.

Looking back, I feel pride in the projects I’ve worked on. From developing market-leading WordPress themes like “Jupiter X” and “Phlox” to being part of game-changing teams such as “Play HT,” each accomplishment has been a step in my coding journey.

But enough about coding for now. When I switch off my developer brain, you’ll find me honing my photography skills, experimenting in the kitchen, or being lost in another world by reading a book.

So, whether you’re here for some coding insights, a shared love of games, or just to enjoy the view, welcome to my corner of the internet. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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