About me

This is me. Hector Farahani. My real name is Hossein but at work, they call me Hector. And some friends calling me Heectooooor. Yes, they are yelling as we are in the battle.

Anyway, I was born on a Saturday, I can’t remember how was the weather on that day, but August is almost the warmest month in our region.

My professional career has been started by working as a freelancer developer. I was creating websites, converting PSDs to HTML and WordPress templates, and sometimes solving problems using MATLAB.

I have continued as a web developer at Averta company, where we were developing WordPress themes and plugins. Phlox theme and Masterslider are famous products in the WordPress ecosystem which I had a hand in their development.

Currently, I am working at Artbees. Artbees is known by Jupiter theme. Right now, I am working in the Growmatik team to develop the WordPress plugin.

I have a master’s degree in Information Technology from IUST and a Bachelor’s of Telecommunications Engineering. I have discontinued studying Ph.D. in Telecommunications engineering for personal reasons. But I’m still interested in it. Who knows, maybe someday I start it again.

I play games. League of Legends, Fortnite, and other games on my Play Station 4. Also sometimes on my mobile, I play adventure and role-playing games. I like Heavy Rain, The last of us, Until Dawn, and Uncharted. Surely there are many games I like but I didn’t play them yet.

You can contact me using the following form.

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